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We are dedicated to connecting with their communities in more ways than one. Our philanthropic drive services neighboring schools, local organizations and national charities. We are proud to be the #1 ALS donator in Washington state! We are often asked why Gravity Coffee supports ALS and what our connection is. The truth is that our founder has a personal connection; losing his father to ALS in 2001. His father was very modest person, very grounded. As a matter of fact, that is where “Stay Grounded” comes from.

Our singular mission is to wipe out ALS. During our three-day grand opening celebrations, we match every dollar raised from customer donations. We are inspired to open many new locations near you so that we can continue to raise more awareness and donations to find a cure. As Gravity Coffee continues to grow, our contributions to ALS will grow with it.

Please partner with us. We encourage our customers to give back, ask questions and get involved.



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After losing his father to ALS, our founder is invested to find a cure and raising awareness by matching all donations to Gravity Coffee. He was a strong, wise and kind father, husband, mentor and friend who believed in the power of hard work. His legacy inspires all of us at GC to give back to our communities and “Stay Grounded” every day. Your contribution supports 5,000 Americans, just like himself, who are affected by this unimaginable disease every year. Your donation has the power to change lives! All contributions, no matter the size or form, are immeasurably appreciated.  Thank you for partnering with us.